The Time Travelers is a half-hour show made by It's a Laugh! Productions.

Main storylineEdit

Vince (Jason Dolley) and his best friend, Nick (Roshon Fegan), discover an old time machine that takes them through time, encountering many familiar faces in history.


These are the episodes!

Season 1Edit

Episode_title Description_of_the_episode
Dinosaur Daze Vince and Nick discover an old time machine, which takes them to the early Crustaceous era. They meet a caveman named Ugh and his beautiful daughter, Ooka, who try to help them get home.
That's Snow Battle, That's a War Vince and Nick are sent back to the time of Valley Forge, where they find themselves drafted in the cold, snowy war.
Me and Mr. Franklin Vince and Nick are sent back to the time of Benjamin Franklin, where they accidently prevent electricity from ever being discovered.
Knight-Fall When they get sent back to the age of renisance, Vince and Nick become Sir Vincet and Nickolas the Great. A dragon then kidnaps Princess Olivia.
Shake Yer Booty Vince and Nick are sent back to the time of Captain Brownbeard. The pirate captain recruits the two to help hide his treasure.
Hercules and Thank You The two get sent back to the time of ancient Greece, where they meet Hercules, the Greek god of strength.
Go West, Young Time Travelers The two get sent back to old western times.
Is Flying in you're Earhart? The two get sent back in time and meet Amelia Earhart and take part in her trip around the world.
Vince the Viking When Vince finds out his greatest ancestor was a viking warrior, the friends use the time machine to meet him.
Blue Sway Shoes To find out what really happened to Elvis, Vince and Nick use the time machine to go back to his time.
Dr. Nick, I Presume? The time machine accidently sends Nick to an ancient maya time, and now Vincet must figure out a way to get him back.